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About Us

What is Kanvas Academy?


We are a Dance School based in Wallsend, North Shields teaching classes such as Street Dance, Hip-Hop & Cheerleading.


At Kanvas Academy we believe that dance is an amazing way to build life skills such as confidence, teamwork, self-discipline, leadership as well as keeping healthy physically & mentally. 


We work hard to make every dance class accessible and fun for all students so that they get the most out of each visit.


Our instructors are very experienced in their dance fields and believe that everyone should always be a student, knowing that you can always improve yourself.


If you want to learn from some of the best dancers in your area in a fun and nurtured academy, Kanvas is the place to be!

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How we started?


Kanvas Academy was started by students for students. We had a vision to teach others everything we know about dance, passing on our skills and knowledge to everyone we can. 


We opened our academy on February 7th 2017 with very few students and have now grown into a family of over 60 students and instructors! Our vision hasn’t changed and we still strive to bring each student up with transferable skills that they can use throughout their lives - as well as providing them with the ability to perform dance confidently and even teach their own classes. 


We are very happy to have seen our academy grow and we cannot wait to see where our students will be able to go in the future.

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