Memberships & Pricing

Please note: Memberships will renew automatically every month!


Our Memberships

Bronze: £16

1 Class per week

Silver: £32

2 classes per week

Gold: £48

Unlimited classes per week

Team: £40

1 timetabled class and Team Training all month

Team Gold: £50

All timetabled classes and Team Training all month (includes all extra training)

Our classes start from £5 per session for all of our sessions. This is paid weekly at the start of your class. 2 hour sessions are £8 per class.

We recommend Memberships...


Memberships are the best way to pay for your classes, making payments cheaper and easier.

Our memberships start from £16 per month (Bronze) which covers 1 class per week.

(Note: Paying per session can cost £20-£25 per month meaning savings of up to £9 each month)

Memberships will only be valid in class once set-up on our website.

Click here to find the membership for you.

Memberships cannot be refunded if you or your child makes a decision to leave us, but they can be cancelled at anytime by contacting us.

Memberships are optional for all students, however memberships can save you up to £120 a year!